The Department of Education as the highest scientific authority in its field strives to impact on the development of the field both regionally and nationally and to participate in the societal debate on issues of education, teaching and learning.

The department carries out the third mission of the university by being in interaction with the actors in the surrounding society, for instance through research projects and alumni activities as well as by organizing conferences. Members of the staff of the department are acting in several specialist positions in the national, international and municipal level. The department aims to respond to the needs and demands regarding research and evaluation as well as development and education brought forward by the state, the city of Turku and other cities, municipalities and organizations in the sphere of influence of the University of Turku.

In co-operation with Brahea Centre of University of Turku, the department offers studies in Education, Adult Education and Special Education in the Open University. The teaching of the department in the Open University serves the entire area of Western Finland. Also the theses done in the department are an important medium of regional development.