Professor Risto Rinne

Professor Risto Rinne’s multidisciplinary approach and research activities comprehensively cover the field of cultural and social science research, spanning the educational sciences, history, sociology, the politics of higher education, science policy and international comparative research. In recent times, Rinne has had a particular focus on research into education policy and management in an international and supranational context. In addition, questions of educational equality, management and power relations at universities as well as the evaluation of education have been central to his research activities.

Rinne has published widely on a diverse range of questions, totaling about 500 titles to date. Furthermore, he has managed over 60 research projects, most of which have been national and international collaborative projects. Rinne has succeeded in establishing extraordinary research networks both nationally and internationally. Through his research and other activities he has acquired significant expertise in university politics and science policy at both the national and international levels.

Rinne has years of experience running the most comprehensive national multidisciplinary research school in the field of education, The Finnish Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Network on Educational Sciences (FinEd). ​