The Developing Network of Safety Culture in Schools (OPTUKE)

​>>  The Third OPTUKE Symposium will be held in Rauma 26.-27.9.2018

During the past few years the incidents of extreme violence, the increase of depression, bullying, loneliness and helplessness create situations where new, innovative safety procedures are needed.

The OPTUKE network wants to support the process of making safety culture more visible from elementary school to university, so that everyone who works or studies may enjoy wellbeing and safety.

The OPTUKE network develops and researches educational modules and develops a learning environment as well as organizes and co-ordinates its activities nationwide and internationally. The OPTUKE network involves safety expertise, educational planning and reporting, and academic publishing which enhance the possibilities of finding new safety solutions.

Goals of the network are:

  • To consider the challenges of creating safety culture based on research and everyday life.
  • To assemble multi-agencies nationwide and to achieve international competence to develop innovative solutions and working models which publicize the best and evidence-based practices.
  • To advance a wide, systematic and open safety culture in the everyday life of schools.


 OPTUKE Symposium