EduSafe – Safety Promotion at Education

At education, there is a need to develop safety management practices.
EduSafe program produces knowledge about the current status and need of development of safety management at the educational context. In addition, new methods and materials are established for safety management.
Finnish schools are considered generally as safe working environment however, new challenges are faced during the past years. The illusion of invulnerability is broken for example by the school shootings in the beginning of 21st century.

In the classroom, various safety risks, disturbances, and violence are faced. Also, the burden of human relations is considered as a sustainable status rather than unique events.

Aims and goals

The aim of the research is to evaluate and improve safety management, safety culture and safety competencies in the educational context.

  • safety management, safety culture and safety competencies at the organizations involved  are supported (resilient working methods)
  • to establish a model for general safety practices, safety management, safety culture and safety competence at the educational context
  • to disseminate the established model widely

Methods and results

  • Two questionnaires and interviews at the organizations involved have been carried out
  • Intervention material is collected. The intervention procedures carried out are Muutospaja ( Safety workshop for an organizational change in the working environment); Green Cross digital application for monitoring the risk and near-miss cases and Hetipurku model (Model for defusing and debriefing).

The project creates knowledge of the status of safety management, development needs as well as methods and materials that enhance safety competence and safety management in the working environment. These will support the development of safety culture in the educational context.  The project is carried out 6/2016 – 9/2018.

The organizations involved and the funding

At the University of Turku, the project will be carried out by the Department of Teacher Education. The coordinator of the EduSafe project is Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH. The project emphasizes collaboration with the educational department of two Finnish cities, two schools, the after-school clubs, food service and four university training schools. The collaboration is done also with the OPTUKE network. The research and development project EduSafe is funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and University of Turku.


Professor Eila Lindfors

Special Research Fellow Brita Somerkoski