The symposium offers research results of the latest international and national research and discussions with experts about various practical applications based on research findings, as well as a possibility to attend workshops and gain experience and tools to develop the security culture of your organization.

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Wednesday 26.9.2018

Theme: Safety in Educational Institutions - Current Situation and Challenges
Chair: Dr. Eila Lindfors, Professor, University of Turku
11:00–12:00      Lunch and registration
11:15–12:00      Pre-session (FIN) Koulukärppätoiminta palotarkastusten tukena
12:00–12:30      Symposium opening
Professor Eila Lindfors, University of Turku
Opening speeches
Counsellor Pekka Iivonen, Finnish National Agency for Education
Head of internal security strategy Ari Evwaraye, Ministry of the Interior, Finland
12:30–13:30      Keynote I ja II: How does school safety look like?
Security, preparedness and resilience in schools and universities (ENG)
Professor Sirpa Virta, University of Tampere
Evaluation of a peaceful and safe learning environment in basic and upper secondary education (FIN)
Senior advisor Sami Julin, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (KARVI)
13:30–14:00      Coffee break
Fire extinguishing exercise 13:30-13:50
Grease fire presentation 13:50
14:00–14:30      Keynote III:
Development and implementation of Safe Schools in Austria (ENG)
Sabine Distl, Safe Kids Austria, Austria
14:45–16:15      Sessions and workshops
Workshop 1 (ENG): EVAPREM
         How to evaluate the effectiveness of the preventive activities in the context of fire prevention
Workshop 2 (FIN): Growing into Safety live and learn
         Kohti tuloksellisempaa turvallisuusviestintää
         Prosessialan opiskelijoiden turvallisuusosaamisen kehittäminen
         Turvallisuus opetusalalla, elinikäinen oppiminen, informaali ja non-formaali oppiminen
         Päiväkoti ja koulu hyvinvointiyhteisönä
16:15–16:30      Coffee break
16:30–18:00      Sessios and workshops II
Activity I (ENG): Safety Walk in Schools
Workshop 3 (FIN): EduSafe: Safety Management Model
19:00                  Evening programme: Welcome reception organised by the city of Rauma
​                               Rauma City Hall, address Kanalinranta 3, Rauma
Thursday 27.9.2018
Theme: Fire safety in education
Chair: PhD Brita Somerkoski, Senior Research Fellow, University of Turku
8:30                    Good morning
8:45–9:45          Keynote IV:
Educating for Emergency Competence,
Professor Wolfgang Hochbruck, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Germany
Keynote V:
Anti-Social Fire Behaviour by Young People – Who’s Problem?
Mike Hagen, Chair of The European Fire Safety Alliance  
9:45–10:15        Coffee break
10:15–11:45      Sessions and workshops III
Workshop 4 (ENG): Understanding safety in educational context
         StayWise - UK Education Collaboration of Emergency Services
         Nouhätä! Emergency skills campaign
         Finnish response to school bullying and lessons gleaned in a developing country
         Bullying among high school students in the United Arab Emirates
Workshop 5 (FIN): Safety in teacher education
         Turvallisuusosaaminen opettajan pedagogisissa opinnoissa sekä opiskelijoiden ohjauksessa Itä-Suomen yliopistossa
         Turvallisuusosaaminen opettajaopiskelijoiden ohjauksessa ja toiminnoissa Itä-Suomen yliopistossa
         Turvallisuuden hallinta muuttuvassa käsityön aineenopettajaksi opiskelevan oppimisympäristössä
12:00–12:45      Lunch  
12:45–14:15      Sessions and workshops IV
Workshop 6 (ENG): Safety in diverse learning environments
       From individual practices to collective management of safety: The Change Workshop intervention in education
       Injuries in workshops in comprehensive education in Finland 2005–2012
       Recovery from incidents at schools – need and effects of peer-based early intervention method (mental first aid) at the city organization
        Toward a Critical Mathematics Teaching and Learning for Networked Social Responsibilities: A Case Study of a Junior High School Mathematics Class in Taiwan
Workshop 7 (FIN): Safety management in education
        NOSACQ-50 –kyselytutkimus EduSafe tutkimusprojektissa
        Varhaiskasvatuksen turvallisuusjohtamisen kehittämisprojekti
        Alueelliset kasvu- ja oppimisyhteisöjen turvallisuusverkostot
        Turvallisuuden johtaminen ammatillisissa oppilaitoksissa
14:15–14:45      Coffee break
15:00–16:15      Activity II (ENG): School visit at Rauman Normaalikoulu
                           Panel discussion (FIN): School safety
16:15                  Symposium summary
Professor Eila Lindfors, University of Turku