Teacher Safe
​During the past few years the incidents of extreme violence and the increase of unintentional injuries, vandalism and accidents create situations where new, innovative safety procedures are needed. University of Turku, teacher education in Rauma unit and The Developing Network of Safety Culture in Schools (OPTUKE) want to support the process of making safety culture more visible with the help of a safety pedagogic point of view.
Enhancing safety culture demands knowledge of safety issues, including an ability to estimate people's responses in an emergency and the knowledge to prevent accidents and unintentional injuries. The aim of the project is to add safety education to the curriculum of teacher education so that teacher students, when they graduate are able to develop actively the safety culture in schools.
In summary we will provide:
  • A curriculum analysis on the safety education of teacher education
  • The establishment and maintenance of educational safety networks
  • The best examples of how to introduce safety education into the curriculum of teacher education
  • The possibility for the safety development of the teacher education units

The Chief Director of research is professor Eila Lindfors assisted by Senior Research Fellow Brita Somerkoski (Ph.D.).