Studying at the Department of Teacher Education
The Department offers the following undergraduate programmes
  • Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Class Teacher Education (Rauma and Turku), and in Craft Teacher Education (Rauma)
  • Bachelor's degree programme in Kindergarten Teacher Education (Rauma)
  • Master's degree programme in Education (Early Childhood Education) (Rauma)
The language of tuition is Finnish except in the Master's Degree Programme in Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems (LLEES), where the language of tuition is English.

Doctoral degrees in the Faculty of Education are Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Licentiate of Philosophy (Education) and Doctor of Philosophy. The optional major subjects are education, adult education, special education or crafts education. More information can be found on the website of the Faculty.



For more information regarding the studies at the Department of Teacher Education contact for studies in Rauma for studies in Turku.