Deliverables of the EUFORIE Project:

Work Package 2:

D2.1 Energy efficiency trends and their drivers (revised 22.1.2018)

D2.2 Synergies and trade-offs between energy efficiency and sustainability indicators: The EU-28 study of sustainable energy use

D2.3 & D2.4 LINDA models: Baseline and energy efficiency scenarios for the EU-28 Member States

Work Package 3:

D3.1 Regional case studies of energy efficiency in Europe. Analysis of the
energy efficiency barriers at the regional level
(Revised 15.1.2018)

D3.2 Report on costs of solutions, initial findings and work in progress

D3.3 Assessment of costs and benefits of energy efficiency solutions  (Revised 3.9.2018)

D3.4 Report. Standardization and integration of assessment methods focused on energy efficiency


Work Package 4:

D4.1 Characterizing Energy Efficiency from the Matrix of Production of Energy Carriers at the National Level (Revised Nov 2017) 

D4.2 Characterizing the factors determining “energy efficiency” of an economy using the multi-level end use matrix of energy carriers (Revised Nov 2017) 

D4.3 The metabolism of Barcelona: characterizing energy performance across levels and dimensions of analysis at the city level

D4.4 Multi-scale integrated comparison of the metabolic pattern of EU28 and China in time


Work Package 5:

D5.1 Stocktaking of instruments targetting household energy efficiency (Revised 10.1.2018) 

D5.2 Identification of promising instruments and instrument mixes for energy efficiency (Revised 10.1.2018) 

D5.3 Stocktaking of social innovation for energy sufficiency (Revised 10.1.2018) 

D5.4 Workshop: Beyond Energy Efficiency – How to develop the potentials of energy sufficiency

D5.5 Identification  of  promising  instruments  and  instrument mixes to promote energy sufficiency (Revised 13.12.2018)


Work Package 6:

D6.1 Report on ASA analyses of energy efficiency at company level

D6.2 Report of energy efficiency at company level


Work Package 7:

D7.1 Summary report of the participatory national EUFORIE workshops

D7.2 Report of the roundtable results: Foresight analyses of European energy efficiency vision and strategy


Work Package 8:

D8.1 Energy Efficiency Policies in China

​​​​D8.2 Impacts of Main Economic Sectors on Energy Efficiency in the period 2015–2030 in China

D8.3 Chinese Residential Sector Analysis

D8.4 Provincial energy efficiency analysis in China

D8.5 Comparative energy efficiency analysis between the EU and China


Work Package 9:

D9.1 Project leaflet

D9.2 Project website, 

D9.4 Euforie Policy Brief 1: Household Energy Efficiency Measures - Shortcomings and Opportunities (Revised Jan 2018)

D9.5 Euforie Policy Brief 2 - Informing Energy Efficiency Policies: Methodological StumblingBlocks

D9.6 Report from public hearings in the EUFORIE project  

D9.7 International EUFORIE Conferences on Energy Efficiency

D9.8 Sustainability performance indicators for energy and
raw material use, and environmental impacts