Work Plan

The project has nine Work Packages (WPs). The Research/Innovation WPs focus on (1) macro-level analysis on energy efficiency (EU as a Whole and EU-28 Member States; WP2), (2) regional and sectorial case studies on energy efficiency (WP3), and (3) energy efficiency metabolism in socio-economic systems related to energy production and consumption sides (WP4) by using innovative analysis tools developed by the EUFORIE consortium beneficiaries in previous projects financed by the European Commission.

Moreover, the project analyses energy efficiency from the consumer perspective (WP5) and energy efficiency development in selected energy-intensive companies by using the previously developed analysis tools (WP6). Last but not least, the project implements a participatory foresight process for energy efficiency stakeholders in selected countries (WP7) and a comparison of energy efficiency in the EU and China (WP8). In addition to the Research/Innovation WPs, EUFORIE has WPs for project management ja dissemination.

The duration of the EUFORIE project is 45 months.

The relations of different components of the project can be seen below.