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Business Talent Academy (BTA) is a development programme focusing on improving and strengthening the business competence of the future key talent. 

World Class Leader program

Managing and Leading International Business 

Executive programmes

We are offering you the opportunity to join the Accounting and Finance module of our EMBA group. The session consists of four study days in total plus the 2-hour exam.

The training focuses on strategic marketing and sales.

This session provides an overview of advanced innovation management. It contrasts the classic rational approach to innovation management with two leading-edge approaches: the designdriven approach, which addresses a firm’s innovation culture, and the open-innovation approach, which addresses a firm’s access to resources outside the firm. In addition, it presents participants with a state-of-the-art understanding of networked creative individuals. ​

Strategic communication is linked to investor relations, but also to e.g. media and crisis communication skills and understanding of what communication means today and in the future.  


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