FFA activities

For universities, the Finland Futures Academy offers:

  • A strong national network with further affiliation to European and global research and education networks and units
  • Study contents and materials, expert services, and a study process that utilizes information technology and latest expert knowledge for the benefit of member universities
  • Joint enhancement of multidisciplinary and strategic development by utilizing futures research methods 
  • Increased quality as a consequence of shared knowledge
  • A joint profile of organizing futures studies education within the FFA framework
  • Futures studies courses for sharpening the university-specific profile of future-orientation

For contact persons with education tasks there are seminars concentrating on futures studies contents and innovative new learning environments. Participants benefit from futures studies procedures, which are applicable in any future-oriented processes of a variety of scientific fields. The FFA-network provides participants with new ways of succeeding in their own field by offering cooperation possibilities, collegiality, and international connections.

Annually, students are offered a futures studies study module of 25 ECTS credits. The FFA also organizes courses with special themes (i.e. special courses) and courses that are planned and implemented together with foreign partner universities. There are postgraduate courses and an annual Summer School parallel to an international futures studies conference.

Students engage in multiform education with contact, intensive, and distance learning. There is a combination of interactive (shared) learning methods and net-based learning contents. Students can include futures studies courses into a university degree (masters or postgraduate) or perform them as subsidiary and optional (extension) studies.



FFA uses for example 3D-virtual environments in its studies.