Member universities

The Finland Futures Academy (FFA) is a national network of 10 universities.​

Board of the Finland Futures Academy

Each member university elects its own representative to join the Board of the Finland Futures Academy for a three-year term. The FFA’s coordinator officiates as the secretary of the Board. Every Board member represents a different scientific discipline.

The FFA Board members are responsible for the content, level and development of the various activities within the field of Futures Studies. The FFA Board is assisted by the Working Committee, which consists of 4-5 Board members. The Working Committee is in charge of submitting and preparing issues for Board meetings.

Contact Persons in the member Universities

​Every member university of the FFA has a local contact person. These persons are responsible for organising and, in most cases, lecturing in Futures Studies courses. They also participate in the administrative tasks of the FFA together with the Board members of the FFA.

If you are interested in joining our courses organised in Finnish, please get in touch with the contact person of your university. 


>> See the list of Board Members and Contact persons in each university.