Contact Persons in Finnish Universities

​Every member university of the FFA has a local contact person. These persons are responsible for organising and, in most cases, lecturing in Futures Studies courses. They also participate in the administrative tasks of the FFA together with the Board members of the FFA.

If you are interested in joining our courses organised in Finnish, please get in touch with the contact person of your university.

Contact information:

​Member university ​Board member ​Contact person
Aalto University
​​School of Economics: - -
School of Arts, Design and Architecture: Lecturer Mikko Jalas 
School of Science: Professor Matti Vartiainen 
Aalto Arts: Sanna Väisänen, sanna.vaisanen(a) (Hämeentie 135 C, 5. krs, +358 50 5625776)
​University of Helsinki 
Post-doctoral researcher Nina Janasik-Honkela Post-doctoral researcher Nina Janasik-Honkela
​University of Eastern Finland ​Professor Katja Lindroos Päivi Pelli, paivi.pelli(a)
​University of Lapland Professor Anu Valtonen Mika Laakkonen, mika.laakkonen(a)
​Lappeenranta University of Technology​ ​Professor Tuomo Uotila Tuomo Uotila, tuomo.uotila(a)
​University of Oulu ​PhD Erkki Urpilainen Erkki Urpilainen, erkki.urpilainen(a)
​Tampere University of Technology ​PhD Markus Pöllänen Markus Pöllänen, markus.pollanen(a)
​University of Tampere
​Professor Markku Sotarauta (Chair) Jari Kolehmainen, jari.kolehmainen(a)
University of Turku
​Professor Reima Suomi
Katariina Heikkiläkatariina.heikkila(a)utu
Kimmo Laakso, TSE/Pori, kimmo.laakso(a)
​Åbo Akademi University 
Annina Kainu Annina Kainu, FSE/Nationalekonomi
​Open University Mia Stening, mia.malinen(a) ja
Mirja Ylikorpi, mirja.ylikorpi(a)