Connecting China

In general – in 2013 – we had especially active connections to China. We participated as visiting experts in the "Sustainable Cities" course (actor-perspective) that was offered by the Universities of Fudan and Turku in Oct 25 – Nov 2 in China. There was a Futures Clinique process carried out with students, teachers and organizers coming from six universities: University of Turku (Turku, Finland), University of Fudan (Shanghai, China), USTC University of Science and Technology (Hefei, China), Tongji Univeristy (Shanghai, China), Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) and Tampere University of Techynology (Tampere, Finland).

There was a visit to University of Science and Technology USCT in the city of Hefei and Professor Sirkka Heinonen became selected as a guest professor of the university followed by ceremonies. This was a very important act, because there will be concrete follow-ups – e.g. symposiums, courses, researcher seminars – in the forthcoming years.

From the left: Dr. Jianxun Chu, Associate Professor, Vice-Dirctor of USTC Science Communication Research Centre, Professor Sirkka Heinonen and Professor Rongting Zhou (Director of the Department of Sci-Tech Communication and Policy), City of Hefei, China.

One hundred new possibilities for Finland

Adjunct Professor Osmo Kuusi lectured about technologies that potentially make a change in the future. Big data and tools adopted by work life (distance work, net-based companies) are among technologies that owe potential for major change until 2020. Interaction between nano and cancer technologies might also play a major role in radical change. “One hundred new possibilities for Finland: Radical technology solutions” research seminar was organized in Nov 28 at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, based on the publication: Linturi, Risto – Kuusi, Osmo & Ahlqvist, Toni (2013) Suomen sata uutta mahdollisuutta: radikaalit teknologiset ratkaisut. Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu 6/2013. ISBN 978-951-53-3514-2 (nid.) ISBN 978-951-53-3515-9 (PDF). Note: the publication was translated into English later on.
Adjunct Professor Osmo Kuusi. 

Finland Futures Research Centre becomes a department at the Turku School of Economics

During 2013 we have lived historical moments with one of our dreams coming true. Since 1.1.2014 Futures Studies starts as one of the academic scientific fields at the University of Turku and takes it´s place as a science among other sciences in Finland.

During Autumn 2013, we have evidenced FFRC acting as a “proper” academic department by adopting traditional academic procedures. There is a Master´s Programme and a Post-Graduate Programme as a part of Doctoral Programme of Turku School of Economics. These are facilitated by additional resources of Professor Petri Tapio, another professor (selection processed) and a university teacher (selection processed). FFA sustains as a national network at Turku School of Economics at UTU. Three of the FFA post-graduate courses are offered nationally and a part of the Post-Graduate Programme among first offerings of the FS Major.