Millennium Project in Dominican Republic

Sirkka Heinonen and Sari Söderlund took part in the Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting in July 7-8, 2014, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Jerome Glenn General Secretary of the global Millennium Project and the meeting was hosted by President Fernandez and director Sosa from Dominican Republic. In the meeting, there were country-specific reports and discussions about global challenges and how to overcome problems of human wellbeing and how to foster sustainable development. In the meeting, further research priorities of the Millennium Project were selected and the further developed version of the virtual GIFS Global Intelligence Future System was presented and piloted.

The future of work and increasing income gaps are among the most discussed topics of long-term prospects at the moment. However, systemic perspectives and global as well as local strategies to improve the long-term outlook are often lacking. The Millennium Projects decided to prioritize and address this gap and invite donations to support the study. 

A MPPC Millennium Project Planning Committee meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, July 2014. From the left: Jerome Glenn (United States), Sirkka Heinonen (Finland) and Yarima Sosa (Dominican Republic)


International Foresight Academy, IFA 

A working  group of the International Summer School organized by IFA International Foresight Academy, Nov 2014, learned how to use the Future and Foresight to expand our understanding of the present and devise possible solutions to complex and uncertain problems.

The idea of futures studies research and education expert exchange by the IFA International Foresight Academy is sharing knowledge of foresight methods and exploring experiences and  challenges of applying foresight in companies and other organizations. International Summer School of the IFA International Foresight Academy was organized in Basília, Brazil at CGEE Center for Strategic Studies and Management, Nov 17-21, 2014.

From the left: Bruno, Ana Carla, Pasco, Sari, Beatriz and Cláudio.