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Nicolas A. Balcom Raleigh, Laura Pouru, Ellinoora Leino-Richert, Marjukka Parkkinen & Markku Wilenius

Imagining Complex Futures of Human Settlements at Finland Futures Academy Summer School 2017

FFRC eBOOK 3/2018, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku.
72 p. ISBN 978-952-249-502-0, ISSN 1797-1322.

This report presents an instance of Futures Literacy Laboratory (FLL) held for the Finland Futures Academy Summer School on the topic of “complex futures of human settlement in 2050” held in June 2017 at University of Turku. The Futures Literacy Laboratory approach was developed by Riel Miller and UNESCO through a series of instances held around the world starting in 2012. In essence, an FLL aims at increasing futures literacy by increasing awareness of anticipatory assumptions and ‘how the future is used’ in the present. This report describes the theoretical background, pedagogical design, practical implementation, and outcomes of this Summer 2017 FLL. It concludes with lessons learns and sugges-tions for future applications of FLL. 

Hanna-Kaisa Aalto - Maija Mäki & Sari Söderlund (2014)
Finland Futures Academy, Annual Report 2013
TVA-julkaisuja 1/2014. 28 s. ISBN 978-952-249-270-8, ISSN-L 1798-5498, ISSN 1798-5498. 

Hanna-Kaisa Aalto - Sari Miettinen - Maija Mäki & Sari Söderlund (2013)
Finland Futures Academy, Annual Report 2012. Pentti Malaska In Memoriam.
TVA-julkaisuja 1/2013. 28 s. ISBN 978-952-249-151-0. ISSN-L 1798-5498. ISSN 1798-5498.  




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