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Hanna-Kaisa Aalto - Maija Mäki & Sari Söderlund (2014)
Finland Futures Academy, Annual Report 2013
TVA-julkaisuja 1/2014. 28 s. ISBN 978-952-249-270-8, ISSN-L 1798-5498, ISSN 1798-5498. 

Hanna-Kaisa Aalto - Sari Miettinen - Maija Mäki & Sari Söderlund (2013)
Finland Futures Academy, Annual Report 2012. Pentti Malaska In Memoriam.
TVA-julkaisuja 1/2013. 28 s. ISBN 978-952-249-151-0. ISSN-L 1798-5498. ISSN 1798-5498.  

Kalle Piirainen (2009)
Essay: Designing the future: use and evaluation of knowledge about the future.
TVA-julkaisuja 2009.



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