Conferences, Seminars and Summer Schools

Finland Futures Academy has a long history in organising futures related seminars and conferences together with the Finland Futures Research Centre. 

Since 2002 we have organised an annual summer school, which is always related to the topic of the futures conference that year. See the list of all the conferences organised by the FFRC and the FFA at: ​

Organised Conferences and Summer Schools:

  • Futures of a Complex World, 12–15 June 2017 in Turku, Finland, summer school
  • Clean Disruption for Abundant Futures, 7.–8.6.2016, Helsinki
  • Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems: Where Futures Research, Education and Action meet, 11–12 June 2015, Turku, Finland, summer school
  • Sustainable Futures in a Changing Climate (Helsinki 11.–12.6.2014), summer school
  • Futures for Food (Turku 6.–7.6.2013), summer school
  • To be Young! Youth and the Future (Turku 6.–8.6.2012)
  • Horizons of Futures Research and Education - Theories, Methods, Applications Conference, Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 20.–21.10.2011
  • Trends and Future of Sustainable Development (Tampere 9.–10.6.2011)
  • Security in Futures – Security in Change (Turku 3.–4.6.2010)
  • Grasping the Future 2009 (Helsinki 20.10.2009)
  • Future of the Consumer Society (Tampere 28.–29.5.2009)
  • Grasping the Future – a Challenge for Learning and Innovation (Helsinki, 1.–3.10.2008)
  • Culture as Innovation – the Search for Creative Power in Economies and Societies (Turku, 6.–8.6.2007)
  • Changing Foresight Practices in Regional Development – Global Pressures and Regional Possibilities, (Turku, 7.–9.6.2006)
  • Foresight Management in Corporations and Public Organisations – New Visions for Sustainability, (Helsinki, 9.–10.6.2005)
  • Limits to Ignorance: The Challenge of Informed Humanity (Helsinki, 11.–12.10.2004)
  • Towards sustainable futures – Tools and strategies (Tampere, 2004)
  • Scanning for the Future (Turku, 2003)
  • Vision Week (Turku, 2002)