Undergraduate Studies

Course will be organized 27.9.–29.11.2017 at Turku School of Economics on Wednesdays 8.15–11 a.m. in co-operation with the university of Tamkang, Taiwan. Further information tva(a) 


Courses offered in English: 

Futures 1 "How can we explore the future?", 5 ECTS

Futures 1 is an introductory course to futures studies. During this 5 ECTS course students will hear about the fascinating world of FS and have a glimpse of the future and the key components of FS (transdisciplinarity, complexity, globality, normativity, scientificity, dynamicity, participation, long time span, search of continuities and discontinuities, exceptional epistemology, contingency, holistic and systemic world view,  spatial and temporal dimensions, etc.). Despite of the challenging basis of this new discipline the course is very practically oriented. Students will carry out a scenario exercise in teams. The lessons are organized in co-operation with other universities.

Objectives: During this introductory course into Futures Studies student will learn the very basics of futures studies e.g. futures awareness, futures thinking, basic ideas behind futures research methods and scenario work. After this course he or she should be able to identify and recognize the central basis of Futures Studies.

Content: The meaning of Futures Studies is to invent, evaluate and suggest possible and probable futures, and to help people evaluate different options. During this course student will familiarize him/ herself with futures tools and new perspectives to holistic world view with scenario work.

Further information on teaching methods: Lessons, group activities, individual reading and on line assignments.

Modes of study: 21 h lessons and assignments, group report, on-line discussions and weekly assignments in Moodle (virtual learning space). To participate into lessons (7*3h) and pass both individual weekly assignments (4) and group report (length 15–20 pages).

Offering information: Master’s and exchange students

Study materials: 1) FFA: Study Guide and Collection of Articles; 2) Masini, Eleonora: Why futures studies? Grey Seal, London 1993; 3) Bell, Wendell: Foundations of Futures Studies. Volume I. Transaction Publishers, London 1997 and 4) Lecture notes.

Further information: tva(at)