Postgraduate Studies

The FFA is a national network of 10 universities, facilitating national academic education and research programmes in Futures Research. As a postgraduate student of any FFA member university and any Major, you are welcome to participate both in Master and Doctoral level study courses offered by the FFA.

In addition, the Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) at the Turku School of Economics offers a postgraduate programme of Futures Studies as the Major.

Finland Futures Academy's postgraduate courses

Finland Futures Academy's postgraduate courses are designed in Finnish and/or English language according to the current need. The Summer School is organised parallel to the annual international summer conference. 

As a postgraduate student, you are also welcome to participate in our basic study courses, organised both in English and Finnish.

Annual Summer School and Conference

Together with the Finland Futures Research Centre, the FFA organises an international summer course parallel to the annual conference. The teaching structure of the summer courses follows the topic of the conference, and students are free to participate in conference presentations and workshops.

The summer course is meant for both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in Futures Studies.



 Further information:

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