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Discussion on cholesterol - check the expert opinion of Seppo Salminen concerning health claims on
Voices for Lowering Cholesterol platform or youtube


The team of probiotic scientists in Turku have in collaboration with colleagues from IPLA (Spain) and National University of Litoral (Argentina) published a review on correlation between in vitro and in vivo assays in selection of probiotics from traditional species of bacteria. The key findings suggest that successful use of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria  as probiotics is often based on their occurrence in human milk, naturally fermented foods and their occurrence in human gastrointestinal tract. Standardised procedures are required for in vivo and in vitro studies to make comparisons of result easier and to predict health benefits better. The original article is published in Trends in Food Science and Technology 68 (2017)83-90.


The research  of Dr Carlos Gomez Gallego from FFF has been cited in the enclosed link, emphasising the importance of milk polyamines to infant health. See the article here.


 The World Gastroenterology Organization published  Global Guidelines on Probiotics and Prebiotics and professor Seppo Salminen was an invited expert in the group. Read the Guidelines here.



Dr  Marcos Invernici  from the University of Sao Paulo/FORP,  Brasil has joined  FFF as a visiting research fellow working on probiotics and dental and gingival health. 


Food Alumni -afternoon 23.1.2017


FFF Thanks all the Alumni day speakers for the enthusiasm in participating and telling their personal stories to everyone. It was important and also gives the future alumnis the perspective how they can proceed in their career.>The alumni and speakers of the day

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 ISAPP Annual Meeting 2018:

International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) organizes annual meeting and 2-day open registration conference in Singapore on June 5-6th, 2018. For more information about ISAPP conference and programme click here.

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