Senses and Food

Senses and Food: (front left) Sari Puputti, Pauliina Ojansivu, Tuuli Puolimatka, Mari Sandell, Saila Mattila, Saara Lunden, (back left) Antti Knaapila, Leo Lepistö, Heikki Aisala, Oskar Laaksonen, Hilkka Terho, Ulla Hoppu, Terhi Pohjanheimo


We are enthusiastic about sensory perception of foods and human eating behavior. The starting point and motivator for our research is the large variability among people in chemosensory perceptions, i.e., differences in taste, smell, and chemesthesis. Differences among people in food perceptions contribute to individual differences in food preferences and, further, food intake.

Our aim is to understand how individual variability in food perceptions and eating behaviors are associated with person-to-person differences in food consumption and, ultimately, health and wellbeing.

Our current research focuses on the relationships among genetic variations in taste receptor genes and individual differences in taste perception, as well as on interactions among different taste perceptions. We pay special attention to bitterness and TAS2 receptors (TAS2Rs), that detect bitter-tasting components of foods.

Funding acknowledgements

  • Academy of Finland
  • University of Turku
  • Finnish Food Development Cluster Programme (OSKE)
  • Finnish research foundations
  • TEKES - (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation)
Keywords: tutkimus;akatemiatutkijat;tutkijatohtorit;tutkimusryhmät;

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