Welcome to our next
Futures Conference:
on 12–13 June 2017
in Turku, Finland.

Unesco Chair Markku
Wilenius: "Battling poverty
with futures research",
Mercurius Magazine 2017
The Academy of Finland's Council of Strategic Research is funding two of our major projects:
"The Novel Protein Sources for Food Security (ScenoProt)" aims at finding ways to achieve the 2030 target in protein self-sufficiency. 


Welcome to the Finland Futures Research Centre!

The FFRC works with a transdisciplinary approach in an international environment.
The cornerstones of its activities are on developing academic futures studies,
critical interdisciplinary research, high quality education, strategic and business
foresight and insightfully produced futures knowledge.

All of the FFRC’s primary activities are focused on the promotion of a sustainable future, which is understood as being economically efficient, socially secure, fair, and culturally representative of our world society.

The main research areas of the FFRC include theoretical and methodological foundations of futures studies and foresight, large scale societal transitions, energy and environmental research, the agri-food sector, urban and regional development as well as the prospects of private consumption and education.

The FFRC trains futures-oriented experts by providing academic education for both under-graduate and postgraduate students.







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​Finland Futures Research Centre
Turku School of Economics
FI-20014 University of Turku
Turku office visiting address:
Turku School of Economics
Rehtorinpellonkatu 3, 20500 Turku
Tel. +358 2 333 9530
Helsinki office:
Korkeavuorenkatu 25 A 2
FI-00130 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 698 0056
Tampere office:
Åkerlundinkatu 2
FI-33100 Tampere
Tel. +358 2 333 9835