Selection of Publications


  • Duration curves depicting the growth of electric power consumption in Finland 1945…1963 Sähkö (12/1965)
  • Optimation of Power Production Proc. 2nd Power System Computation Conference Stockholm (1966)
  • Analysis of the World Energy Game TuKK series A-II-1 (1975)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Efficiency of Energy Use (together with J.W.Sun) TuKK (16/1993)
  • Analysis of China’s Energy Efficiency (together with J.W.Sun) TuKK C-7 (1995)
  • Environment_Based Energy Taxation in the Nordic Countries (together with J.Luukkanen, J.Vehmas, J.Kaivo-oja)The Finnish Environment (92/1997)
  • Environmental taxes on fuels and electricity – some experiences from the Nordic countries (together with J.VEhmas, J.Kaivo-oja, J.Luukkanen) Energy Policy (27/1999)
  • Im Reich der Reaktoren interview of P.M. by Renate Nimtz-Köster Der Spiegel (47/2005)


  • New International Order The Finnish Journal of Business Economics (3/1976)
  • Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (together with J.Kaivo-oja) GAIA (5/1996)
  • Sustainable Development as Post-Modern Culture FFRC FUTU-Publication (1/1997)
  • The environment in an ‘Information Society’ (together with P.Jokinen, J.Kaivo-oja) Futures (6/1998)
  • Trend Analyses of Occupational Structures in United States, Japan and EU-15 (together with J. Kaivo-oja, J. Luukkanen, J Vehmas)TuKK (1998)
  • CO2 Emission Intensities in Developed Countries 1980-1994 (together with J.W.Sun) Energy (2/1998)
  • Sustainable Development Analysis FFRC FUTU-Publication (1/1999)
  • Decomposition Method in Sustainability Analysis (together with J.Luukkanen, J.Kaivo-oja) FFRC FUTU-Publication (3/1999)
  • Sustainability and Economic Growth: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Demonstrations (together with J.Kaivo-oja, J.Luukkanen) FFRC FUTU-Publication (4/1999)
  • A New Sustainability Evaluation Framework and Alternative Analytical Scenarios of National Economies (together with J.Luukkanen, J.Kaivo-oja) ESEE 2000 (2000)
  • Science and technology for sustainable development Science, engineering and global responsibility (toim. A. Tenner) INES (2000)
  • Sustainability of Human Development. A Theoretical and Empirical Framework for Monitoring Ecological Sustainability of Economies (together with J. Kaivo-oja and J. Luukkanen) Encyclopedie of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Forerunner of UNESCO (2001)
  • Methodology for Analysis of Critical Industrial Ecology Trends: An Advanced Sustainability Analysis of the Finnish Economy, (together with J. Kaivo-oja , J.Luukkanen) Futura 21 (2001)
  • Europe in Global Battle of Sustainability: Rebound Strikes Back? (together with J.Vehmas, J.Luukkanen, J.Kaivo-oja, O.Hietanen, M.Vinnari, J.Ilvonen) TuKK (7/2003)


  • Optimation of Power Production System Sähkö (1/1966)
  • Model Epistemology TuKK (A-2/1978), An Assessment of Modelling Approach in Management Science and Directions for the Future Development TuKK (1982)
  • A study of an Optimum Investment Policy During Balanced Expansion of Electricity Supply, ISBN9511-66-159-9 (1984)
  • Cognitive Mapping Approach Analyzing Societal Decision-Making (together with M.Brännback) World Future (44/1995)
  • Enterprise and Dissipation of Inflation (together with M.Mannermaa) TuKK (1986)
  • A model of management goal setting and its dissipative structure (together with T. Kinnunen) European Journal of Operational Research (25/1986)
  • The Productivity Dilemma. A Model Approach, The Art and Science of Decision Making, Åbo Akademi Univ. Press (1996)
  • Value-focus thinking: structuring strategic decisions (together with M. Brännback) Decision Science and Applications, (toim. M. Brännback and M. Kuula) Åbo Akademi A: 459 (1996)
  • A Conceptual Framework for the Autopoetic Transformation of Societies FFRC FUTU-publication (5/1999)
  • Dominant Meta-relations Approach of Terra 2000 FFRC (2001)
  • Synchronic - Diachronic System Analysis, Statistics, Econometrics and Society, Statistics Finland research reports 238 (2003)
  • Mathematical Modelling in Futures Research (toim. yhd. I.Virtanen) Futura (2-3/2005)
  • Theory of Futuribles, (together with I. Virtanen) Futura (2-3/2005)


  • A rebellion against ignorance CoR Futura (1984)
  • Africa Beyond Famine A report to the Club of Rome (together with Aklilu Lemma) Tycool (1989)
  • A Conceptual Framework for the Self-reliant Transformation of Africa Africa Beyond Famine (1989)
  • Famine as Human Folly: Urban Bias and Rural Neglect in Sub-Saharan Africa (together with P. Psychas) Africa Beyond Famine (1989)
  • An Analysis of the Problematique of African Famine (together with P. Psychas) Africa Beyond Famine (1989)
  • On the Way to Sustainable Development FICoR (1997)
  • Club of Rome Dossiers 1965-1985 (toim. yhd. M. Vapaavuori) CoR European Support Centre (ESC) Vienna (2007)
  • Alexander King 1909-2007 CPTM (2007)
  • Modern Futures Approach and Human Security Ethos (together with K. Holstius) CoR-ESC publication (2008)
  • The Challenge of Post-modern Progress CoR 40 years anniversary conference Rome (2008)


  • Prospects of future of technical man Insinöörien kustannus (1971)
  • Ecosystem and Technosystem – a Problematic Relation Tekniikka (1972)
  • Philosophy of Technology Tekniikka (1973)
  • Mankind’s Dowry and Technology Finland Academy research report (1976)
  • Engineering Solutions to Modern Problems of Environment International Journal of Technology Management (1985)
  • About the Concept of Entropy Tieteen päivät (1985)
  • Nature – oriented technology WFSF/ Budapest conference proceedings (1992)
  • Progress, nature and technology in late-modern transition Coherence and Chaos in our Uncommon Future WFSF/Turku (1993)
  • WFSF biannual report 1995-1997 Turku (1997)
  • The Modern Dilemma of Progress and Growth The Environment in the 21st Century vol.I GERMES (1998)
  • An outline of forces which are moulding the world, opening up new avenues for progress and generating conflicts How to ride the global way Plehanov Academy of Economics Helsinki (1999)
  • Science and technology for a sustainable future SERI/Wien (2000)
  • Citizenship and ecological modernization in the information society (toim. together with M. Kamppinen, M. Wilenius) Futures (3-4/2001)


  • Organic growth and reneval. An outline for post-industrial development Finland Society for Future Studies A7 (1985)
  • Outline of a Policy for the Future Science and Praxis of Complexity UNU (1985) (toim. together with M. Mannermaa) Gaudeamus (1985)
  • Economic and Social Evolution: Transformational Dynamic Approach The new evolutionary paradigm (toim. E.Laszlo) (1991)
  • Threefold harmony and societal transformation TuKK (C3/1991)
  • The futures field of research TuKK C-1 (1993)
  • The Futures Field of Research Futures Research Quarterly (1995)
  • Penetrating the Future, Futures (1996),
  • Futures Beyond Poverty - Ways and Means Out of the Current Stalemate (toim. yhd. G. Ogutu and J. Kojola) WFSF/Nairobi (1997)
  • Assessing the poverty discourse (together with T.Voipio), Futures beyond poverty - WFSF/Nairobi (1997)
  • Inventing futures Global Conversation WFSF/Brisbane (1997)
  • Emerging new network and learning environment for futures studies The case of the Finland Futures Academy (together with H. Linturi, M. Sotarauta) Futures (7/1998)
  • Sociocultural Transients of Work in the Late-industrial Period - USA and Finland as the Empirical Cases, Millennium III Romanian Academy Bucharest (1999)
  • Knowledge and information in Futurology The quest for the futures FFRC (2000)
  • A futures research outline of a post-modern ideas of progress Futures (3-4/2001)
  • Methodology for Analysis of Critical Industrial Ecology Trends: An Advanced Sustainability Analysis of the Finnish Economy (together with J. Kaivo-oja, J.Luukkanen) Futura (2001)
  • Futures Research Outline of a Post-Modern Idea of Progress, Futures (2001)
  • Futures Universe (together with I. Virtanen) TuKK C-1 (2002)
  • Knowledge and Information in Futurology Foresight (2002)
  • Philosophical Essays of Knowledge of the Future (toim. yhd. E. Masini) Futura (1/2009)
  • Theory of Futuribles and Historibles (together with I.Virtanen) Futura (1/2009)
  • Modern Futures Approach (together with K. Holstius) Futura (1/2009)


  • Patterns of development in an organization TuKK A-5 (1977)
  • The multiple scenario approach in strategic management (together with M. Malmivirta, T. Meristö, S-O. Hansen) TuKK (1982)
  • Coping with an uncertain future Kvantti/Visit to Boston (1983)
  • Perception of the future by European chemical firms as related to strategic planning (together with S-O. Hansen, M.Malmivirta) Kemia-Kemi (10/1983)
  • Scenarios in Europe – Who Uses Them and Why? (together with M. Malmivirta, T. Meristö, S-O. Hansén) Long Range Planning (1984)
  • Multiple Scenario Approach and Strategic Behaviour in European Companies International Strategic Management Journal (1985)
  • From multiple scenario approach to visionary management Scenario Building EU/IPTS Profutures Paris (1995)
  • Vision –entrepreneurial perception. Concept of the next success story FFRC (1995)
  • Visionary Management (together with K. Holstius) Foresight-magazine (2001)
  • Strategic Vision: a Third Level of Management (together with E. Kasanen) Acta Wasaensia (2004)
  • Advanced Strategic Thinking, Visionary Management (together with K. Holstius) TuKK series A-8 (2004)
  • Coping with complexity by strategic management (together with K. Holstius) Black See University Millenium III (2007)
  • From Strategic Thinking to Vision for Europe (together with K. Holstius) Polish Science Academy (2008)

An Inquiry into Pentti Malaska's Futures Thinking

Markku Wilenius' article on Futures magazine sets out to expose futurist Pentti Malaska as a social thinker:

Wilenius, Markku (2014) Society, Consciousness and Change – An inquiry into Pentti Malaska's futures thinking. Futures, Volume 61, September 2014, Pages 58–67.

​List of Pentti Malaska's publications during 1992-2004
Downloaded from the Turku School of Economics’ publication database.