Maria Höyssä

maria-hoyssa.jpgSenior Research Fellow

Tel. +358 50 359 7984

Maria Höyssä works as a Senior Research Fellow at Finland Futures Research Centre, with a special responsibility to function as a permanent expert for the Committee for the Future at the Parliament of Finland. Additionally, Maria acts as a supervisor for some Futures Studies doctoral dissertations relating to innovations or sustainable development.
Maria’s own doctoral dissertation (2013) focused on the nexus between science-based innovations and regional development, with an emphasis on the emergence of health-related radical innovations. Before her present tasks, on study years 2014-17 she was responsible for Sustainable Development Studies (KEKO) at University of Turku, which study module is coordinated from Finland Futures Research Centre. Maria’s research interests include sustainability issues in shipbuilding industry (SUSTIS-project) and the influence of farmer’s identities and knowledge acquisition practices to the nitrogen cycle (Nitrogen smartness project).