Sari Puustinen

sari-puustinen.jpgSenior Research Fellow
Dr. Sc.
M. Soc.Sc.

Coordinator of Sustainable Development Studies (KEKO)

Tel. +358 50 309 7959



Sari Puustinen works as Senior Research Fellow at the Finland Futures Research Center. She also coordinates the Sustainable Development Studies (KEKO) of the University of Turku since 2017.

Sari Puustinen is a scholar of Urban Planning and Design and Urban Studies. From 2016 to 2017 she contributed building Turku Complex Systems Institute and was leading its Future Cities and Communities research program.

Her current research interests relate to the integration of sustainable development and anticipation tools into strategic urban planning.

Sari Puustinen has studied urban planning and urban planning from different perspectives; both at the system level and through individual themes. Her research areas have been, among other things, strategic planning in urban areas, feasibility of The Land Use and Building Act, communicative planning theories, participation, land use conflicts and their solutions, the planning profession and its development in Finland, changes in the concept of Public Interest in land use planning, the effects of NPM in administration of land use planning, security-oriented planning and prevention of crime in residential areas, densification of urban structure and the quality of the habitat. She has also made housing, construction and housing policy-related research and development work.

Sari Puustinen holds a Master of Political Science (University of Helsinki, 1996; communication, sociology, environmental policy) and Doctor of Technology (HUT 2006, urban planning). In 2010 she worked as a visiting researcher at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, monographs and research reports. She teaches and lectures in several universities. Besides, she consults cities, organizations and companies in the areas of sustainable development, anticipation and urban planning.

She is an alternate member of the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development for the period 2016–2019, as well as an alternate member of the National Council for Crime Prevention, and  a member of the Council for Crime Prevention Research Division for the period 2015–2018.