Sari Söderlund


Tel. +358 50 401 7666




M.Sc. (econ.) Coordinator Sari Söderlund at the Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) has worked as a part of the futures studies/ foresight society since 1998. There has been a variety of positions such the coordinator of the Finland Futures Academy (FFA), which is a national network of 10 universities for futures studies academic education. As the special advisor of the Committee for the Future at Finnish Parliament she worked as a part of the Finnish national democratic decision-making system. At the moment Söderlund is active with national Futures Focus Education and Development services, and with transnational education by opening up avenues for international co-operation. She is the coordinator of the Certified Foresight Professional Programme with an issue of corporate (or strategic) foresight as a great competence field for future-minded, multidisciplinary thinkers and leaders.

Core competencies

  • Futures studies education and development services
  • Futures studies higher education with general knowledge of the origin and state of futures research and basic understanding of core content fields and paradigms
  • Organised and occasional co-operation and networking between universities
  • Different learning modes from real to virtual worlds