Sirkka Heinonen

Sirkka_Heinonen_rajattu_web.jpgSpecial Advisor
Adjunct Professor, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor, University of Science and Technology (USTC), Kiina

Tel. +358 9 698 0056, +358 40 5811 229

Finland Futures Research Centre
Helsinki office


Core Competencies:

  • Ttechnology foresight
  • The future of cities and rural areas
  • Information society
  • Sustainable development
  • Ambient intelligence
  • Social media
  • Future work
  • Construction and housing
  • Future of transport and mobility
  • Lifestyles, and
  • Philosophy of technology

Latest Lectures and Presentations:

  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2017) Hybrid Methods for exploring transformative futures -the importance of identifying pioneers and black swans. Visiting expert lecture at National Institute of Science & Technology Policy (NISTEP), at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT), organized by Science and Technology Foresight Center (STFC), NISTEP “Human Information Technology Ecosystem” project by RISTEX, 24 April 2017, 67 ppt slides. Video of the lecture
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2017). Pioneer Analysis as Tool for Anticipation of Futures Agency - Case of surprising energy futures. Anticipation, Agency and Complexity. International Workshop, Session on Creating Resilient Communities, University of Trento, Italy 7th April 2017.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2016). Finland: Experience in Foresight - Importance of Forward-Looking Public Policy La Prospectiva y las políticas Públicas. La experiencia de Finlandia. Seminario Internacional Prospectiva y  Estrategia Para el Desarrollo del Chile del 2030. 26.10.2016 Santiago, Chile, 48 ppt.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2016). Our Urban Futures through Weak Signals of Media City. Guest Professor Lecture at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei. Video (English with Chinese interpretation).
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). What is Futures Reseach and Scenario Thinking?  Lecture at University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Departamento de Computación 18th November 2014. During the Secondment at FLACSO and CIECTI, Buenos Aires (November 2014). 50 ppt slides.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). The Importance of Strategic Foresight for Innovation. Case: Neo-Carbon Energy in Neo-Growth Society. International Seminar  “Ideas, Innovation, Inclusion” Dialogue over the new context for STI policies 27th & 28th November, 2014 Buenos Aires City, Argentina. During the IFA Project Secondment by Prof. Heinonen at  FLACSO and CIECTI, 37 ppt slides.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). Neo-Carbon Enabling Neo-Growth Society – Transformative Energy Futures 2050. International Conference of the Club of Rome. Panel ”Renewable Energy for Efficient Societies and Sustainable Cities. 17th October, 20 ppt slides.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). Futures Research Methods For Homo Scenarionicus - weak signals and black swans, Korean MillenniumProject Node Workshop, Yonsei University, 7th October, Seoul, Korea, 32 ppt slides.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). Symbiotic Living and Lifestyle Revolution with Future Technology. SL 2014 International Conference on Symbiotic Life Science & Technology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea 8th October 2014, 22 ppt slides.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). Future Media  in the Times of Innovation  - How to Use Futures Research Methods to Explore Future Media? Guest professor Lecture 20th September, 2014. University of Science and Technology USTC, Hefei, China, 56 ppt slides.
  • Heinonen, Sirkka (2014). Futures Provocation: How to Re-Energise Cities? What kind of Growth do we want for Our Cities? FUTURES CLINIQUE “Re-Energising Cities Through Neo-Growth” 22nd September, 2014. Tongji University, Shanghai, 66 ppt slides.

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