Finland Futures Research Centre and Solapur University from India to launch co-operation

​Solapur University in India has launched a “Centre for Foresight Studies (CFS)”. The initiative for the Centre came from the Director of the university’s School of Social Sciences, Professor Ashok Kumar.

Director Juha Kaskinen from FFRC took part in the festivities in Solapur October 27th, 2016 where he gave a keynote speech during the inauguration of the CFS. Kaskinen has also been invited as the Principal Advisor of the new centre.

There is, of course, history behind the co-operation between FFRC and Solapur University. Professor Ashok Kumar took part in the FFRC 2013 Conference during which the co-operation talks started. The first official joint project begun in 2015. This involved planning of joint training development program and drafting a funding application. A pilot training program will be launched in 2017 at the Turku School of Economics and at the Solapur University. The program combines e-learning, contact teaching and group work.

Solapur is situated in the state of Maharashtra in western India and it has about 1 million inhabitants. The capital of the state is Mumbai. Solapur is also known as “Manchester of Maharashtra State” for its vast textile industry. Solapur University was founded in 2004 by separating it from Shivaji University. Today there are 7 Schools at Solapur University; the number of students is 800–900 and the amount of staff 70–80. Solapur University is a relatively small but a growing regional university.

Dr. Juha Kaskinen delivering keynote address during the inauguration of Centre for Foresight Studies (CFS) at Solapur University, Solapur, India.   

Vice Chancellor, Professor N. N. Maldar felicitating Juha Kaskinen during the inauguration of CFS. 

Solapur-4-web.jpgFrom left: Prof. Ashok Kumar (Director, School of Social Sciences, Solapur University); Mr. M.V. Ashok (Chief General Manager, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD); Government of India), Dr. Jagdish Patil (General Manager, BEST, Government of Maharashtra); Mr. Vijaykumar Deshmukh, (Guardian Minister, Solapur District, Government of Maharashtra); Prof. N. N. Maldar (Vice Chancellor, Solapur University, Solapur), Dr. Juha Kaskinen (Director, FFRC, University of Turku, Finland); Dr. Apurva Palkar (Convenor, Task Force for Globalizing Higher Education in Maharashtra, Ministry of Higher Education and Technical Education,  Government of Maharashtra) and Dr. Debendranath Mishra (Registrar, Solapur University, Solapur).  


Published date 11/24/2016 11:00 AM ,  Modified date 11/28/2016 9:24 AM