The personnel of the Finland Futures Research Centre actively publishes in journals and books about futures studies and in other scientific journals.

The Centre produces its own FFRC publication series both in printed and in electronical form. In both series there are approximately 5-10 articles, reports or other scientific texts published each year.


Latest Articles Published in International Journals and Books: 


​Special conference issues on the FFRC's newsletter Futuuri
- Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems 2015 
- Sustainable Futures in a Changing Climate 2014


Edited by
Huutoniemi, Katri & Tapio, Petri. Routledge, London, 2014.

An Inquiry into
Professor Pentti Malaska's
Futures Thinking
Markku Wilenius' article on Futures magazine sets out to expose futurist Pentti Malaska as a social thinker:
Wilenius, Markku (2014) Society, Consciousness and Change – An inquiry into Pentti Malaska's futures thinking. Futures, Volume 61, September 2014, Pages 58–67.