National Foresight Projects


ENCORE – Economically
viable city centre and
urbanizing downtown
was a research project by Turku Urban Research Programme focusing on innovative urban development.
The Sixth wave project
was funded by Tekes
and it investigated
the Kondratieff waves, a theory
depicting the long waves of
economic activity, as first
formulated by Soviet economist
Nikolai Kondratieff in the
beginning of the 20th century.

New roles for media in
the ubiquitous meanings
society (MEDEIA)
anticipated new roles and
functions for media in the emerging societal structure we
call the Digital Meanings Society.

What’s for Dinner Tomorrow?
(MIRHAMI 2030)
project was to
clarify the possible development
paths of food consumption and
issues closely related to it. 


Future and Security: Scanning the Changing Environment of the Police project arose from the fact that the pace with which new threats are emerging is getting faster and the security issues the societies of the future will face will be different from what they are today.