The Southwest Finland’s Information Society Model and Database

Southwest Finland’s information society model created ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable business, governance, technology and services for citizens not only in the Southwest Finland but all over the world.

Shaping the model was done by carrying out a large survey and by organizing futures workshops Finland Futures Research Centre, which is an auxiliary of the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, coordinated the participation process.

Partners in the project:

  • The Information Society Programme of the City of Turku, which develops information society of Turku based on the needs of the people.
  • Turku Science Park, which is a large community of experts that speeds up the growth of high-tech businesses in Southwest Finland (about 300 companies and organizations).
  • Turku Area Development Centre (TAD Centre), which is a local business development agency representing an area with approximately 300 000 inhabitants (18 cities and municipalities) and 15 000 enterprises.
  • The Regional Council of Southwest Finland, which is comprised of 54 Southwest Finnish municipalities (approximately 500 000 inhabitants) and is in charge of planning land use on the regional level. In addition, the regional plan and programme are formulated in the Council.

Wireless wellbeing in Southwest Finland -brochure

International brochure introduces good examples of the information society know-how in Southwest Finland. These examples have been grouped according to the Southwest Finland information society model.

Southwest Finland ICT expert database

The Database of ICT experts of Southwest Finland collected by Business Research and Development Centre of the Turku School of Economics will serve companies, enterprise developers and researchers in their efforts to find suitable partners and experts for their new ICT projects.


Further information:

Olli Hietanen






​Project sub report (in Finnish):

Heikkilä, Juha (2005)
 Kansalainen Turun seudun tietoyhteiskunnassa -raportti on julkaistu Tutu-julkaisuja -sarjassa (pdf).