Other Projects

Research on Futures Consciousness
Futurists talk about future consciousness, but what is it, actually? How does a future conscious person or organization look like, what kinds of features or traits do they have? The research is funded by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, University of Turku and University of Geneva.


Co-operation with the Committee for the Future of the parliament
In the fall of 2011, the Committee for the Future and the FFRC made a cooperation agreement on the basis of which the FFRC among others produces futures and foresight information to the committee.

The Millennium Project and Helsinki Node
The Finland Futures Academy in the FFRC co-ordinates the Helsinki node of the Millennium Project. The Millennium Project is an international network of over 1000 futurists, scholars, business executives and planners, scientists, and policymakers from more than 50 countries. The Millennium Project is a worldwide think tank, operating from an international perspective, free from single agendas. It is dedicated to exploring global futures by interviewing and surveying individuals in corporations, universities, NGOs, UN organisations, and governments.

 Professor Sirkka Heinonen presenting the activites of the Helsinki node: