Foresight and Regional Development

​In our futures processes we use future workshops, among others, scenario and delfoi processes and different identification methods of weak signals as methods of the foresight. Our foresight processes have been connected for example to the technology, know-how, living and traffic. Furthermore, we have developed the methods of the foresight and futures research.

In the area development processes we examine different strategic futures choices within the separate levels (society – area – company/organisation). In both wholenesses we carry out both academic research projects and commissioned research. Our research group is multidisciplinary, rich from its experience and strong from its cooperation network.


Ongoing projects:

Bastu – Sixth-Wave Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs and Businesses, 2015–

Bioeconomy and Justice (BioEcoJust), Academy of Finland: 2017–2020

Century of Migrations, Finnish Cultural Foundation: 2017–2018

Creatively Sustainable Communities (CRESCO)

Futures Images of Young People in 2067, City of Hämeenlinna and Alli Paasikivi Foundation: 2015–2017

From Failand to Winland (Winland), Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council: (2016–2019)

Futures Consciousness of Finnish regime members as an enabler of sustainable development, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, 2015–

Manufacturing 4.0 (MFG 4.0), Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council: 2018–2020 

Mitigating the Effects of Emergencies in Baltic Sea Region Ports (HAZARD), EU’s Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme: 2016–2019

Neo-Carbon Enabling Neo-Growth Society - Transformative Energy Futures 2050 (NEO-FORE), Tekes: 2014–2019

Radical Innovation Breaktrough Inquirer (RIBRI), European Commission: 2017–2018

Sustainability and Transparency in Shipbuilding Networks (SUSTIS), Tekes: 2016–2019

TRY OUT! Experiments on circular economy and cleantech, 2016–2018 

WISE – Creative adaptation to wicked socio-environmental disruptions, Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council: 2018–2020




​Our core research areas:

 Futures research methods
and foresight
Countryside and urban research, development of areas

Future of traffic, logistics and
the built environment

Future of welfare services

Future of tourism and
experience business

Innovation systems,
-ecosystems and concentrations

 Further information:

Foresight processes:
Sirkka Heinonen
Special Advisor, Adjunct Professor
Tel. +358 40 581 1229
Area development and innovations:
Tuomas Kuhmonen
Research Director
Tel. +358 50 591 1959