Research and Development Projects

Typical research questions in the field are focused to the epistemology of knowledge about the future, the methodological development of futures studies tools and analyses of alternative futures of a specific topic or a more general theme.

As a societal action, the aim of futures studies is to outline alternative long-term strategies in a changing operational environment.

The detailed list of our ongoing research and development projects can be found categorized on the left navigation menu. 


Some of the ongoing projects:

osata-nosto.jpgPaths to the Future (OSATA) project produces understanding of the development of skill-related identities needed in the changing work life.The results will be used to build future-oriented tools and pedagogical models to support the students in becoming future professionals.



From Failand to Winland (Winland)) is a multidisciplinary co-creation project on food security, water security and energy security in Finland. The Winland project looks at how food, water and energy security related pressures, shocks and policy responses affect Finland’s overall security in the future, and how we can enhance our society’s resilience related to them.

soija.jpgThe Novel Protein Sources for Food Security (ScenoProt) project aims at finding ways to achieve the 2030 target in protein self-sufficiency. These can include, for example, various production and supply-side paths to both increase resource efficiency and to promote novel protein products. 

eltran-nosto.jpgThe objective of the project ”Transition to a Resource Efficient and Climate Neutral Electricity System” (EL-TRAN) is to construct a roadmap for the transition towards a resource efficient and climate neutral electricity system in Finland. 


neo-carbon-nosto.jpgNeo-Carbon Energy is a five year research project exploring possible futures of an
economy enabled by Neo-Carbon in a peer-to-peer society. The project is financed by Tekes new strategic openings and is conducted in co-operation with VTT and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT).

get-ldc-nosto.jpgThe GET-LDC research project analyses green economy transitions in Cambodia and Laos. The purpose of this research project is to understand the inter linkages between the energy and forestry sectors and how they relate to the triple goals (low-carbon development, resource efficiency and social inclusiveness) of a green economy in Laos and Cambodia. GET-LDC is a 4 year project (2014–2018) funded by the Academy of Finland.





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