Sustainability and Transparency in Shipbuilding Networks (SUSTIS)

The SUSTIS project focuses on collecting, combining and utilizing sustainability information of materials and manufacturing processes for creating sustainability based value in shipbuilding. The goal is to 1) expand the use of sustainability arguments in shipbuilding business from operational use to the whole life-cycle starting from raw materials and 2) generate new business through opening the sustainability data. To achieve this, the shipyard as a system integrator and its subcontracting network have to cover larger part of the value chain with sustainability and transparency. 

The research material is collected through interviews and workshops. The interviews are conducted among the corporate and collaborative partners of the project. The interview results are deepened in the workshops.

The research project is a cooperative project between University of Turku and VTT Technical Research Centre for Finland. In the University of Turku, the researchers come from three units, Future Technologies, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) and Center for Collaborative Research (CCR). In FFRC, researchers Marileena Mäkelä, Katariina Heikkilä, Oana Apostol (borrowed from the Accounting and Finance) and Leena Jokinen are working in the project.

The project will run 1.2.2016–28.2.2019. It is financed by the Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Corporate and cooperative partners of the project are DNV GL Group, Evac Oy, Lautex Oy, Meriteollisuus ry, Meyer Turku Oy, NIT Naval Interior Team Oy, Paattimaakarit Oy, Piikkio Works Oy, Sininen Polku Oy and SSAB Europe Oy.


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Marileena Mäkelä
Katariina Heikkilä
Leena Jokinen
Finland Futures Research Centre

Oana Apostol
Accounting and Finance, Turku School of Economics