Switching to plant-based diets: barriers and possibilities (SWIP)

The purpose of this project is to look at the meanings related to food choices, and especially the perceived barriers to switching to a plant-based diet. In addition, consumers’ environmental and health consciousness regarding meat consumption and production are addressed. This consciousness can be considered as a prerequisite for a sustainable diet change, but to fully understand consumer behavior, other determinants of consumer choices need to be taken into account. Hence, different consumer positions regarding responsibility and efficacy within the food system are also examined.

The project gives detailed information about different consumer groups in relation to barrier and consciousness issues. It deepens the understanding of choice and consumption of meat and vegetarian-based foods as well as different roles that consumers can take in the food system. Focal issues that determine consumer food choices are thus identified. Methodologically, the project combines quantitative survey and qualitative interview data.

The project is funded by the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation and the Turku University Foundation during 2013–2018. The project is part of the FIDEA research group activities.






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​Pasi Pohjolainen

Finland Futures Research Centre


The Fidea research group conducts interdisciplinary environmental research from both theoretical and empirical point of view.