WISE – Creative adaptation to wicked socio-environmental disruptions

"WISE – Creative adaptation to wicked socio-environmental disruptions" project aims to improve decision making over wicked socio-environmental disruptions and the evaluation of decision outcomes, and to build-up resilience and adaptation to wicked socio-environmental disruptions.

WISE develops and tests a new national-level integrative policy mechanism, Policy Operations Room (POR), which has the capacity to design rapid, evidence-based adaptation policies to unexpected socio-environmental disruptions with multiple drivers and impacts. POR consists of war-room-like emulation exercises in which participants mimic how they would decide in a real-life disruption.

POR draws on national and international experts to provide a test bed for integrating rapid and comprehensive science advice to the most complex policy challenges facing a small and transnationally exposed nation state like Finland.

WISE consortium is funded by the Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council from the programme  'Adaptation and Resilience for Sustainable Growth'. It is carried out during the years 2018–2020. 
Director for the research consortium is Professor Janne Hukkinen (University of Helsinki) and work package leaders are Professor Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen (University of Tampere) and Professor Markku Wilenius (University of Turku). In addition Aalto University takes part in the consortium. 

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