Environment and Energy Research

In connection with sustainable development, we have carried out many energy and climate studies. The goal of this research is to attempt to model changes occurring in development as well as identify factors which cause these changes. Background factors of change can be clarified with, e.g., the ASA tool, which has been developed at the Finland Futures Research Centre.

We carry out collaboration not only with the public sector but also with firms and top-level international research facilities in the field. The research group is made up of a comprehensive group of engineers, economists and sociologists.


Ongoing Research and Development Projects:

Capacity Building for Renewable Energy Planning in Cuban Higher Education Institutions (CRECE), Erasmus+ Capacity Buiding in Higher Education: 2017–2020

Development of Energy Education in the Mekong Area (DEEM), European Commission: 2016–2020

Envisioning the role of new technologies in shaping human-nature relationships, 2017–2019

European Futures for Energy Efficiency (EUFORIE): European Commission: 2015–2018

European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape (RISCAPE), European Commission: 2017–2019

From Failand to Winland (Winland), Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council: 2016–2019

Great Electrification in Peer-to-Peer Society (SÄVÄYS), STEK ry, Sitra and the University of Turku: 2018

Green Economy Transitions in the Least Developed Countries: Multi scale Analysis of Energy and Forest Use in Laos and Cambodia (GET-LDC), Academy of Finland: 2014–2018

Neo-Carbon Enabling Neo-Growth Society - Transformative Energy Futures 2050 (NEO-FORE), Tekes: 2014–2017

Novel Protein Sources for Food Security (ScenoProt), Academy of Finland: 2015–2018

Past, present and future of ground-source heat in Finland. Examination on issues regarding system installations over a long period of time; PhD thesis (2014–)

Safeguarding the Saimaa Ringed Seal, Saimaannorppa-LIFE, European Commission: 2013–2018

Towards a future-oriented “Energiewende”: An anticipatory multi-level approach to the decentralised renewable energy transition (FutWend), Academy of Finland: 2016–2019

Transition to a Resource Efficient and Climate Neutral Electricity System (EL-TRAN), Academy of Finland: 2016–2018

TRY OUT! Experiments on circular economy and cleantech, 2016–2018




​Our core research areas:

 The development of
environmental indicators

Modelling in sustainable
Energy and climate
related research
Bio economy

Environmental business

Future of traffic, logistics and
 built environments

Development studies

 Further information:


​Jarmo Vehmas
Ph.D. (adm.), B.Sc. (eng.),
Adjunct Professor,
Regional Manager
Tel. +358 50 342 3912


Sustainable Development Futures​ (SDF) Research Group conducts energy and climate research and designs and implements capacity-building in the developing regions of the world. 



The Fidea research group conducts interdisciplinary environmental research from both theoretical and empirical point of view.