Master's Thesis
The thesis is a scientific research report composed of both a theoretical section and empirical applications (e.g. in companies and organisations). The students reserve one intense and focused semester to primarily concentrate on the thesis work and compulsory seminar group meetings.
The aim of the period of study dedicated to the thesis process is to provide the student with the necessary tools for locating scientific information, and applying it in order to find a solution to a research problem. By selecting adequate courses and by channelling the topic and methods of their Master’s thesis students attain expertise in the practices of researching, utilising and developing alternative and possible futures in their chosen field.

Master's Theses in Futures Studies

These theses have been written within the current FUTU programme. Links to the full text or abstract of the thesis have been added when possible. All theses can also be found from the library of Turku School of Economics.
​Ferreira-Aulu Marianna (2017) ​Is There A Future After The Belo Monte Dam?
Building Futures Scenarios For The Volta Grande Do Xingu In Amazonia, Brazil.
​Patrakka Mikko (2017) ​Views on strategic development for an NPO in Finland – Case: Digitalization of Eläkeliitto (Finnish pensioner’s foundation)
Leino-Richert Ellinoora (2017)​ ​Backcasting energy efficiency futures of the European Union - Case studies of Finland and Germany.
​Nicolas Balcom Raleigh
Elevating Creativity and Criticality Through Game-Based Futuring: An action research case study in futures studies
Katariina Kiviluoto
The layered reality of sustainable transport campaigning.  
​Galina Kääriäinen
​Futures of Health tourism between the Northwest Russia and Finland 2030  
​​Laura Pouru
Strategic foresight and utilization of future-oriented information in Finnish SMEs – Reframing the intermediary role of Tekes
​Vesa Lepistö
​THINGS FROM THE FUTURE. How can we crowdsource innovation foresight with games?  
​Taina Viima
​Problems in using foresight methods in consultancy projects: A case study conducted in a Finnish consulting company  
​​Antti Uimonen
​Investigating the Futures. Recognising Creating Shared Value practices in company integration for creating competitive advantage in future – case Oras Group​
​​Daniel Schimmelpfennig
The Future of Money: Deontological and Ontological Designing
Seyedeh Akhgar Kaboli
 The multicultural images of the future of young adults
​Isa Hlavaty
​Scanning the future of Single Euro Payment Area – Towards cashless payment methods
​Emmi Tardy
The Use of Strategic Foresight in Middle Management 
– A Case Study in a Financial Sector Organization ​
​Marianna Mäki-Teeri
​Future of Entrepreneurship in Finland. Perspective on the Entrepreneurship Education
​Anna Dyadenko
​The Future of Sport Apparel Design in Germany in 2030. Four Images of the Future
​Ulla Gordillo Kontio
The Mexican Dream, What Drives the Mexican Millenial to invest?
Titta Tapiola
​Futures of Finnish food system by 2050. The perspective of resilience
​Yuan Qi
​Disruptive factors affecting the e-commerce industry in China up to 2030
​Priya Sreeganthan
​Sustainable Development – the Key to Competitiveness CSR as an added value to Alstom's corporate performance  
​Elizaveta Shabanova-Danielyan
​Futures of citizens' political participation in Russia: scenarios for years 2014–2025
​Nina Jentl
​Mind the (Gender) Gap? Futures images for girls and mathematics in Austria 2030
​Mohammad Hamed Mehr
Future at risk: A study on the Club of Rome​.
Sara Moqaddamerad
​Corporate foresight: A contribution to innovation management
​Maryna Sasunkevich
​The future of branded sportswear store formats in Germany 2030: Four images of the future.  
​Oluwarotimi Falona
​A systematic literature review of the backcasting method in futures studies
​Martins Kwazema
​Exploring 3D printing. Reflections on Four Futures of an Emerging Technology
​Rebecca Brückner
​Gender Theory as a Basis for Gender-Related Futures Research. A Combination of Gender Studies and Futures Studies Explained by Means of Images of the Future for German Gender Policy
​Matti Minkkinen
​Images of the future of privacy: A privacy dynamics framework and a causal layered analysis of ideal types.