Student's Experiences


​“What attracted me to futures studies is that it is unique and different from mainstream courses. There are many things that I have learnt so far during the futures course. You can definitely apply futures studies knowledge in my own field of science as the future orientation forces you to look deeper into a topic asking the broader macro questions looking at the reason behind certain activities.

The city of Turku is great; it is small compared to what I am used to but a world of its own. My stay has been great, the university has helped significantly as I believe it is the people that make the place and I have to say the people I’ve met are nice and a pleasure to be around.”

- Trinesh Champaneri, U.K.; Graduated in 2011


"When I decided to apply for this mysterious Master’s Degree programme called “Futures Studies”, I was uncertain what to expect. While my friends and family were joking about how I’m going to be an academic in “fortune telling”, I tried to figure out myself what I have gotten into. Reading about the topic helped to grasp the main ideas, but it was only during the first semesters that I my rough ideas of what I’m actually studying here turned into something more concrete.

The programme provides me with the possibility to not only add a futures focus to my own educational background by teaching us theory and methods of futures studies, but also work in multidisciplinary teams and gain experience in coping with problem solving in groups and not just as an individual. On one hand futures studies offers an interesting theoretical background involving various disciplines passed on especially in the basic courses, but on the other hand it also challenges you to apply the methods to your own research problems and change your way of thinking in a long-term perspecitve."

- Nina Jentl, Austria; Graduated in 2016


"The Futures studies programme is multidisciplinary and helps to develop an ‘out-of-the box’ approach to critical thinking. The good thing about the program is its flexible nature. Futures studies dives into every sphere of life and economy enabling individuals in the field attain a skill which I term ‘stretched imagining’ which is highly important in a world where the pace of change grows at almost exponential rates.

I am happy to be training as a futurist because I have realized the importance of futures consciousness in planning, decision making and even in everyday life. Further, I am glad the programme has helped me develop a systemic perspective to issues bothering global challenges and also learned to have a holistic consideration of different interactive elements as they affect the whole in my approach to understanding and criticizing any project or phenomenon."

- Martins Kwazema, Nigeria; Graduated in 2014




Black Swans is a student
association founded by Futures
Studies students of
the University of Turku.

FM Matti Minkkinen:

maisteri näkee

 (Interview of 
M.Sc. Matti Minkkinen,
in Finnish)