Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies

The Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies is designed to educate foresight experts who help organisations to harness future opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks. The programme trains students to become professionals who are competent to choose from various methods when facing a particular development challenge. The students will get a versatile toolkit to implement foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation.

The students enrolled in the Master’s Programme will take a Master of Arts degree, the size of 120 ECTS credits. The two-year programme is instructed in English. Read more about the programme.​​​


Latest News about the Programme:

December 2013:
Haastattelussa FM Matti Minkkinen: Vastavalmistunut maisteri näkee tulevaisuutensa skenaarioina. (Interview of the newly graduated M.Sc. Matti Minkkinen, in Finnish)




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Johanna Kärki
Education Coordinator
tel. +358 2 333 9525
Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies
Finland Futures Research Centre
Turku School of Economics
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
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