Futures Studies Courses
The futures studies courses are lectured by professors and researchers of Finland Futures Research Centre. The courses are based on latest research.
Student's can select the courses according to the detailed study structure (pdf). Here are the courses with short descriptions. For more detailed information, please take a look at the text from the Curricula Guide Turku School of Economics 2016–2018.


Foundations of
Futures Studies
History, actors in the field, theories, futures thinking
Scenario Thinking ​Scenario approach, environmental scanning, futures wheel, futures table, weak signals, black swans and wild cards
​Career Management ​Personal futures orientation and career management
​Futures Case Evaluation ​Case study for example organisation's scenarios
​Futures Research Methods
​Overview of all futures research methods, cases
​Ethics of Futures Studies
Ethical and moral standards and challenges in futures work
​Systems Thinking Complexity, systemic structure of dynamic and complex wholes, methodologies of systems thinking
Strategic Foresight ​Visionary leadership and corporate foresight, connection between foresight and strategy process, governmental and regional foresight
​Futures Research Methods in Practice ​Connecting various futures studies methods and theoretical thinking
​Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures
​Study and evaluate effects of globalisation, concept of sustainability
​Changing Futures
​Current futures course (not arranged every year)
​Master's Thesis Includes a mandatory thesis group