Information and application procedure

All doctoral students of Futures Studies are part of the doctoral programme of the Turku School of Economics. The TSE programme is a part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). Thus, all the doctoral candidates of the TSE are part of the UTUGS as well. In addition, the TSE is actively involved in many national research training programmes. 

Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration or
Doctor of Philosophy - Futures Studies as a Major

Nowadays, most of the doctoral candidates complete the doctoral degree without completing a Licentiate degree first. It is possible to apply for doctoral degree directly after a Master's degree.

The doctorate degree consists of 240 ECTS credits. As a full-time student, the doctorate degree can be completed in four years. The scope of postgraduate studies is 60 ECTS credits. The most important part of the doctorate degree is the doctoral thesis.

Financing of the Doctoral Studies

Please note that doctoral students are responsible for financing their own studies. University of Turku charges no tuition fees and that is why it cannot offer financial assistance or job opportunities to students (except in individual cases and even then only towards the end of their research).

Students interested in the Doctoral Programme can apply for a funded position in the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). 

Applying for Postgraduate Studies in Futures Studies

Read the detailed information about the application process of TSE.

In order to be accepted to major in Futures Studies the applicant should have at least 10 ECTS credits of previous studies in the field. The applicants should either have studied Futures Studies or other relevant academic disciplines. The previous studies will be determined based on the documentation provided by the applicant.




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