Transnational Education Services

The Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)  offers the customers tools to map future developments and manage systemic change, to design creative environments, and to build visionary strategies. Transnational education services are based on academic research of futures studies, with a variety of approaches such as environmental and energy research, sociocultural research, digitalization and networks, food and consumption, bio-economy, security and education.

We offer certified a​nd tailored programmes:

The general forms of services include:

  • Short courses and expert visits
  • Certified programmes
  • Commissioned master’s degree programmes
  • Experts support and exchange
  • Educational consulting

International rankings show that Finland is a leading country in innovation, education and training. Strong future-orientation of the Finnish society is well-known world-wide. Demonstrating futures studies as an academic discipline with Master´s and Doctoral Degrees is rare worldwide. There are exceptional organizing modes of national foresight knowledge such as the Committee for the Future at Finnish Parliament as an integral part of national decision-making and the Finland Futures Academy as a national university network for futures studies education.

In Finland, regional foresight is a legal Act enhancing prosperous futures of companies and citizens in the region.

The FFRC will give the clients a front seat to observe the everyday work of Finnish futurists in order to provide the understanding of the Finnish foresight system. Having Finnish futures studies societies as a partner makes sure that clients get access to best possible foresight knowledge and contacts. 

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