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Pediatrics —The development of chronic disorders by the age of 5 years
​We will recruit 1000-1300 children who fulfilled the original Focus Cohort study criteria. Additionally, we will recruit children with recurrent infections and/or were obese at the age of 12 and 24 months. The novelty is the organized home visit to recruit drop-outs to minimize selection bias. The questionnaire data of the whole Cohort will also be used for study purpose.

The data sampling at 5 years starts in winter 2018 and continues 3.5 years during 2018-2021. At the age of 5 years: 1) the pediatric phone interview includes questions about child’s atopic disorder/symptoms during the preceding 12 months, recurrent infections, symptoms of chronic and recurrent pain and metabolic disorders, 2) blood sample drawing includes sample taking to analyze serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels for common food and aeroallergens, high-sensitivity CRP, vaccination responses, and DNA and mRNA for epigenetics, and future analyses on hormonal, inflammatory, and metabolic (lipidomic) and proteomic factors related to stress and brain development, 3) stool, urine and dust samples are collected.

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Minna Lukkarinen, MD, PhD