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Molecular Genetic Lab
The aim of the molecular genetic study is to clarify the role of genetic mechanisms in early development and prospectively in health.  As genetic mechanisms, we will study epigenome, gene expression, and genetic variants (correlations, interactions and direct genetic effects).

The major research tracks are as follows:
1)    We will examine the direct genetic effects on development and prospective health by analysis of the child’s genomic variations by GWAS and hypothesis-based analyses. (Study on direct genetic effects)
2)    We will study the effect of interaction of genotype variations in the newborn with environment on development of the child. The environment include psychological and somatic factors related to the parents (sleep, life habits, attachment, psychological health incl. mood, anxiety, reactivity stress and later; obesity, smoking and use of alcohol, drugs and medication during pregnancy), as well as other factors such as delivery, complications in pregnancy, family environment, and infections. (Study on genetic interactions)
3)    We will examine the effect of environment on epigenetic programming, gene expression and telomere length and contributing genetic factors. (Study on epigenome)
4)    We will study the effect of parental genotypes on the growth environment, development of the child and prospective health. In addition, the direct genetic effects and genetic interactions among the parents will be examined. (Study on genetic correlations)

Study group:
Tiina Paunio, Professor,,
Katri Kantojärvi, Postdoctoral Researcher,,
Antti-Jussi Ämmälä, PhD Student,,
Johanna Liuhanen, PhD Student,,
Marja-Riitta Rautiainen, PhD Student,,
Sonja Sulkava, PhD Student,,
Alexandra Lahtinen, PhD Student,,
Laura Korhonen, PhD Student,