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Neuroimaging Lab
The FinnBrain Project focuses on the effects of early life stress on brain development. According to previous literature, early stress may program child brain function and structure e.g. by altering stress and emotion regulation systems. In the FinnBrain neuroimaging sub studies we use structural and functional imaging techniques to investigate how and to what extent these early factors influence brain development.

We have currently imaged ca. 180 newborns (2-5-week-olds) with structural MRI and additional 26 infants with fMRI. Functional alterations in reactions to emotionally-valenced sounds are studied using EEG-registrations that have been acquired from approximately 180 newborns (1-3 days olds). We address the functional brain responses to emotional sound and social touch in ca. 40 2-month-olds with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Social touch responses have also been studied in ca. 20 2-year-old children.

We are currently collecting MR imaging data in 1.5-3.0-year-olds and 4-5-year-olds. In these older age groups, imaging data will be coupled with performance in detailed neuropsychological assessments. EEG and NIRS registrations are performed on 3- and 5-year-olds.

Senior Researchers:
Prof. MA, MD, PhD Hasse Karlsson,
MD, PhD Jetro Tuulari, [MRI]
MD, PhD Noora Scheinin [MRI]
PhD Harri Merisaari [MRI]
PhD Henriette Acosta [MRI]
Prof. MD, PhD Riitta Parkkola [MRI]

Prof. PhD Minna Huotilainen [EEG]
PhD Ilkka Nissilä [Optical imaging, NIRS]
PhD students:

MD Satu Lehtola, 
MD Olli Rajasilta
MD Tuomas Lavonius 

MSc Niloofar Hashempour
MB Venla Kumpulainen
MB Elmo Pulli
MB Anni Copeland
MB Eero Silver
MB Jussi Kasurinen

Optical imaging, NIRS
MD Ambika Maria

MB Maria Keskinen
MB Silja Luotonen 

Graduate students (thesis)
MB Anna Ratilainen
med. stud. Kristian Lidauer