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​The main interest of this substudy is in early parenthood: factors affecting the quality of early parenting and its importance in the developmental outcome of the child. The area of interest is important at least for the following reasons: 1) experience and quality of care during the early childhood years have been found to be of crucial importance for the child’s later development 2) the more precise mechanisms and routes of this effect are yet not well understood 3) quality of early parenting is considered to have crucial role in how the prenatal fetal exposure to risks (e.g. stress) finally affect the developmental prognosis of the child, 4) more precise understanding of the most essential aspects in parenting are needed in order to develop more accurate and effective early preventions/interventions. The substudy concentrates in parenting during the child’s first four years of age. Within FinnBrain cohort, early parenting has been explored with exceptionally many aspects and ways, and including both parents. The core “own” area of interest of the substudy lies in the psychological process of parenthood already from pregnancy onwards: e.g. parents’ experience of care in own childhood, parental-fetal attachment, capacity to think of the child’s perspective (mentalization), early emotional connectedness to the baby (bonding), and early interaction with the child. The substudy will be carried out in synergy with several other substudies (e.g. perinatal-, alexithymia-, neurodevelopmental-, sociology- and neuroimaging substudies). The final aim is to explore whether it is possible to extract specific risk and protective profiles in early parenting, related to child’s later developmental outcome.   

Senior Researchers:
Marjukka Pajulo, Adj. Professor,
Riikka Korja, Adj. Professor,
Noora Scheinin, MD, PhD,
Kalle Korhonen, MD, PhD,
Anna Soveri, PhD, post-doc researcher,
Eeva Ekholm, Adj. Professor,

PhD students:
Heidi Jussila,
Tove Hertzberg,
Nina Pyykkönen,
Eeva Holmberg,
Carlos Sirkiä,
Eeva-Leena Kataja,
Eija Sinervä,
Elisabeth Nordenswan,
Hetti Hakanen,