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Speech and Language Development Lab
In addition to biological, cognitive, and social prerequisites, we are not yet fully aware which factors interact with early speech and language development in children. The aim of this substudy is to explore variables that may have an influence on this development. Information on childrens speech and language development is retrieved via parental questionnaires filled out when the children are 14 and 30 months of age. The monolingual Finnish speaking families get the questionnaire in Finnish and the monolingual Swedish speaking families in Swedish. The bilingual families (Finnish-Swedish) get the questionnaires in both languages. Each of the parents in the bilingual families are asked to fill out the form in their respective languages.
We are interested in both factors within the child, such as temperament, and environmental factors, that may interact with language development.

Study group:
Pirkko Rautakoski, Adjunct Professor,
Elina Mainela-Arnold, Professor,
Denise Ollas, PhD Student,

Linnea Karlsson, Adjunct Professor,
Saara Nolvi, PhD,  Post-Doctoral Researcher,