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Perinatal Health
The aim of this project is to identify possible associations between prenatal maternal stress and pregnancy complications as well as obstetric outcomes and adaptation of the newborn. The role of the placenta in possibly modifying and/or mediating the effects of maternal stress in the fetus is studied to identify potential biomarkers for predicting pregnancy and/or obstetric adversities. More specifically, the aim is to study placental tissue epigenetics, proteomics, lipidomics and morphology in relation to maternal prenatal stress.

Study group:
Linnea Karlsson, Adj. Prof.,
Noora Scheinin, MD, PhD.,
Eeva Ekholm, Adj. Prof.,
Kalle Korhonen, MD, PhD,
Suoma Saarni, Adj. Prof.,
Aija-Liisa Yrjölä, MD, PhD student,